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Strength & Conditioning Gym is owned under Jamie Bennett Investment Holdings Pty Ltd, ABN 82 652 349 927. This is an agreement in which you agree to become a member of Strength & Conditioning Gym.


  • Health – We require you to inform us of all previous and current medical and health information before commencing training. If in any case that a medical clearance is needed, this must be provided.

  • Membership Minimum Term – A minimum of 12 weeks from sign up date before any cancellations or drop in membership can be processed.

  • Membership Freeze – Obviously things come up, whether it be travel for work, holidays, medical reasons or financial hardship. These freeze payments are determined on the individuals case. A minimum of 3 weeks notice is required for a membership freeze to allow for the direct debit to be altered. Any requests must be sent via email to

  • Membership Cancellation – A minimum of 12 weeks from sign up date is required before any cancellations can be made. You can cancel your membership inside the Minimum Term agreement, however the remainder of the term will not be refunded. Cancellations made outside the 12 week Minimal Term agreement, require a minimum of 3 weeks notice to allow for the direct debit to be stopped. These cancellations must be sent via email to

  • Change of payment method/update card details – Members to update us with new payment method or updated card details via email to

  • Class Bookings + Cancellations – bookings can be made 7 days prior to class. If you need to cancel a class booking, please give us as much notice as possible so a spot can be allocated to someone on the waitlist. We require a minimum of 6 Hours notice for a class cancellation. Failure to do so may result in a temporary booking penalty.

  • COVID procedures – ALL members, staff and visitors must be sign in using the QR code every visit. If you do not have your phone, a sign in book will be available and must be completed. Failure to do so will result in refusal to gym. Cleaning protocols must be followed within the gym, including hand sanitisers and wiping down of equipment after use.

  • When working out – suitable gym attire must be worn at all times, including suitable footwear. Towels are compulsory at all times within in the gym. If you require water throughout your visit, you may fill it up given you bring your own bottle.

  • Gym Etiquette – When finishing with your equipment please put it back in its spot. As we like to say, treat it like your second home. Respect all other members as well as surrounding neighbours.

  • Parking  – Roof parking in Unit 4 designated spots only. There is also plenty of street parking on Wattle Rd as well as neighbouring streets.

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